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Sometimes less is more!

When you're deciding what tools you need to help you run your business do you think about what you need now or what you might need in the future? 🔮

Forward planning is sensible but it's easy to get distracted by a shiny all singing and dancing system because you might need the functionality in the distant future. ✨

But do you make sure it's right for the help you need now and whether you've got the time or money to implement it? 💷⌛

How many of us have invested in shiny software and not had the time to understand how it works so abandoned it altogether, putting the extra cost down to experience. I know I have! 🙋🏼‍♀️

For most CRM and accounting systems the hardest part is switching from Excel to software or an app, that's when you have to commit the most time and effort into upgrading your systems 💪🏼 So, adding unnecessary functionality at the same time can be overwhelming and result in you not completing your implementation at all.

Once you've achieved the level you need for the immediate future, upgrading to another level or changing to a system with more functionality is much more achievable when you're ready. Most CRM and accounting packages will have tools that allow you to export and import data in a format that will make switching easier. ✂️

So, when you're thinking about what you need in a CRM package or accounting system think about what you may need in the next year or so, and who is going to be using it, but don't get too hung up on what you might need in 5 years time. Setting up that system when you don't need it yet can be costly and overwhelming. 🗓️

If you'd like some help working out what you need to make your systems run more efficiently book a call with me to find out about my new systems and processes audit package.

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