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I’m Julia Allpress and I run Raspberry Business Support

I originally created Raspberry Business Support to offer admin services, including bookkeeping.


But, I found that many of the small businesses I worked with needed advice on processes and systems or someone to solve their problems and assess their new ideas, just as much as they needed daily admin support.


With the knowledge, skills and experience I had developed in my previous roles, I was able to offer guidance & advice and enjoyed watching their businesses grow as a result.

I had found my Why and developed a wealth of knowledge along the way so adapted the business to include practical mentoring with the added benefit of hands-on VA support when needed.



My background

With a long career in both the corporate world and running small businesses, I can look at business life from both angles.   


I spent most of my employed working life working in operational support, involved in export/import, and organising the back end of the businesses so the front end of the business could run smoothly.


This meant the salespeople could go out with confidence to sell their products and services, knowing that they were selling at a profit and the systems were in place to deliver to their clients on time (and this is what I can do for you too!)  

Whilst all that was going on in the day, for 15 years I was setting up and running 2nd income family businesses to extend my skills, looking for the right business for me.

After gaining experience spanning across retail and the service industry, having success and learning from mistakes along the way, I eventually took the leap into full self-employment doing what I know and love best, providing business owners with a solid support system. 

All of my experiences have given me a good understanding of the pitfalls and demands of running a small business which I love to share.

Bringing a calm and logical influence which will in turn bring clarity to my client's ideas and challenges, processes & systems and give them the space to grow.

Caldecott Arts Festival 2022
I was introduced to Julia via the Shropshire Growth Hub. Her knowledge of systems was a big help
in keeping control of all of the information relating to the Caldecott Arts Festival over an 18 month
I would happily recommend working with Julia as she keeps calm at all times, keeping an eye out
for potential problems, whilst maintaining a sense of humour too.

Dr Norma Raynes
Chairperson Caldecott Arts Festival

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