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 Mentoring Services


If you are ready to invest in your business and open to change, these are examples of the types of businesses I support, and the practical guidance, accountability and hands-on support I can provide to help you take the next step to make your business a success.

Monthly mentoring call


Do you need some regular advice and support?

When you start your business it can be daunting and a lonely place to be.  How do you know what you don't know?     


Having someone to talk through what's happening, or not happening, in your business will give you the confidence that someone's got your back.  If you've got questions and can't find the answers easily or you have no idea how to run your business efficiently a monthly call with someone who can help can be a lifeline.  

Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to ask quick questions by email between calls.

A Business boost

Running a business on your own is hard! 

If you are stuck with a particular problem or new idea and aren't sure how to approach it, or you need a quick boost of practical guidance a business boost call maybe just what you need.

Maybe you’re feeling confused or stuck with a particular issue or might have a new idea but don’t know whether to pursue it. You need guidance or a second opinion.  You want to be able to move forward and get on with establishing or growing your business but something’s holding you back.


Or maybe you want to use the time to work out what’s next in your mentoring journey. Using this call as a stepping stone into one of the intensive weekly or possibly extended monthly packages.

New start-up


2nd income


Are you setting up a new business or already running a side hustle/2nd income and struggling to know where to start? 

You will have lots of questions and it can take an age to track down the answers to questions like these and still not be sure you have the right answer:

  • The basic legal requirements for setting up as sole trader or Ltd company.

  • How to protect you and your business.

  • How to comply with GDPR legislation.

  • Who your ideal client is and how to find them.

  • How to decide what to charge for your services.

  • What processes you need in place, so you are ready for your first customer.


I know how it feels to start and run businesses on your own, spending hours searching the internet for advice and finding different answers wherever you look.  Then realise the information you've found applies to the USA or EU but not necessarily the UK.  If you’re like me, you like to do it right first time, and not have to unpick your hard work or panic about the consequences of getting it wrong!

When I started my business, I learnt the hard way and made mistakes that could have been avoided. I realised that having a mentor and practical support is the best way to get your business up and running. Now, you can benefit from my experience and expertise, instead of having to go through it alone.

How I can support you

I can provide you with the steps you need to take, giving you structured guidance on what to do, what’s essential, and how to do it and provide practical support along the way, so you can get going with confidence.

I offer all of this so that you can have peace of mind that you are set up correctly and can work more efficiently, concentrating on making your business profitable and spending more time on the elements of your business that give you joy.

My new structured mentoring packages will cover all of your questions, giving you the relevant information, guidance and tools you need to get the foundations right, so you can set up and build your business with ease.  Breaking down the steps you need to take into sections that will prevent overwhelm before you even start.


micro businesses

Running a business on your own is hard! 

​It’s hard enough working in your business, keeping your clients happy, and spinning all the plates to keep on track, but then there’s the time you need to work on your own business.  Making sure you’re keeping on top of your finances, not missing out on new leads, developing new ideas, and resolving problems along the way.

Sometimes, it all gets too much and you just need someone to run through your new ideas or discuss your day to day time management issues with.  Another set of eyes and ears to make sure you’re not missing anything, someone to keep you accountable for your plans and help you decide what to prioritise and focus your energy on. 

How I can support you:

My mentoring packages for established micro-businesses offer the opportunity to:        

  • Look at your systems and processes and your problem-solving thought patterns, so you can work more efficiently and spend more time growing your business.

  • Evaluate new ideas to see if they are financially viable and physically possible and providing hands on support if you need it, so you don’t venture into something new only to find it doesn’t make money or you haven’t got the capacity to make it work.

  • Provide inspiration if you’re struggling to know how to expand and offer new products/services.

  • Look at project management support if you’re running multiple clients and projects, keeping you accountable for your deadlines and budgets, so you can work more efficiently and meet your targets.

  • Talk if the self-doubt gremlins turn up!

  • Discuss your plans when you’re ready to move to the next stage of your business.

  • Build a strong working relationship with me, through regular meetings, so that I understand your business fully and can offer ongoing advice whenever you need it.

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