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Case studies and testimonials


Genevieve Lowles, Copywriter

Genevieve Lowles is a freelance copywriter and editor with a natural ability to write content for you
in your voice. Whether that be for your website, a blog or printed media.

When I was first contacted by Gen Lowles, they didn’t know exactly what they wanted help with but knew they needed help. We talked about the structure of Gen’s business and how they organised their work. 

I quickly realised that a CRM system would help get control of the many projects Gen was juggling
and would also enable me to hold Gen accountable for their progress. Gen already had Capsule CRM but wasn’t using it, so I set this up in a way that was useful to Gen’s business. We now use this and FreeAgent accounts software to keep track of Gen’s ongoing projects, to make sure they are completed on time, and discuss any issues or new ideas during our fortnightly catch up calls.

Julia is absolutely wonderful to work with! 

We have a fortnightly planning meeting which I genuinely look forward to - Julia is focused, empathetic, enthusiastic, and understanding. She helps me figure out what might be posing a
challenge to me and my business, then she'll help me come up with a way to tackle it.

While I rely on these meetings as vital accountability for meeting my goals, Julia is never judgemental or pushy; she meets me where I am, helps me talk through any blocks, and uses her keen mind and business insight to help me get back on track with my goals.

Julia has completely transformed my business. As a sole trader, I have no one else to rely on in running my business and I couldn't do what I do now without Julia.

To put it in financial terms, I recently tripled my profits from the previous tax year. While a lot of that is down to my own hard work, collaborations with awesome co-creators, and improved network connections, I can say with absolute certainty that this would not have been possible without Julia.

In my own business network, I'm affectionately referred to as "Julia's agent". I love referring her services to those in my network and beyond; partly because Julia is so skilled in her own right, and partly because I recognise in others the same struggles that I was facing before Julia stepped in to
support me.

Chloe Norcross owner of
Lane Created & Course We Will training platform

Chloe Norcross specialises in digital marketing, particularly web design, but is also about to launch
her new training platform Course We Will.

When I first met Chloe, she felt that her business was running her and she wanted to take back control.

Chloe was working very long hours and had little or no weekends. One of the key areas we
worked on during our initial monthly mentoring sessions was giving Chloe the confidence to say no
to requests that didn’t fall into the scope of the work she had agreed to carry out.

We also built documentation, such as onboarding questionnaires, contracts and terms and conditions that made it clear what Chloe’s clients could expect from their working relationship with her.

We now meet on a monthly basis to discuss any new projects and any sticking points in her business, and it is a joy to watch Chloe’s confidence grow.

Julia isn't just brilliant when it comes to business support but she is an extremely genuine person too.

We have monthly meetings where Julia runs through any pain points within my business and helps me navigate them, not only does she do this but has also been instrumental in setting up some of my core processes in order for me to get on with what I do best.


She also has a brilliant understanding of how to effectively run a business and comes up with great ideas every time we chat that enable me to grow.

Since working with Julia, I have become much more confident when it comes to my business and decision making which has allowed me to achieve my goals quickly and efficiently and has infinitely increased my job satisfaction. 

Julia always goes above and beyond and I am very grateful for her help to this point. I will continue to use her services and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that needs support or to gain focus and take their business to the next level.

Lane Creative logo.png

Perpetua Harris owner of
Copy by Perpetua

Perpetua was referred to me by Paul Wilcock of Pauls’ Portraits, following our mentoring sessions.

Perpetua came with a request to find clarity around the positioning, messaging, pricing and
onboarding for her new Copywriting business, as she was just starting out as a copywriter and she
wasn’t sure about what type of copywriting she “wanted, liked or was good at”!

During our first two-hour session we established that Perpetua is in a great position to take some
time to explore with her business as she is still in part time employment, with a steady income to
support her whilst she grows her business to a point when she is confident enough to make that

We discussed the type of copywriting she had already done, and which jobs had given her the most satisfaction and used this to discuss her ideal clients. From there we looked at messaging, ideal
referral partners and pricing.

Perpetua quickly booked a second session which we used to look at structure and onboarding
processes for clients. We discussed the structure and legal requirements that should be in place
when you set up a business, and the onboarding documentation that will protect you and your
business in case of any disputes.

Finally, we briefly looked at the systems and processes that can be put in place right at the
beginning, to help Perpetua grow her business in the future.

I’m looking forward to working with Perpetua again and seeing Copy by Perpetua flourish!

Julia's mentoring sessions have been invaluable.


I'm new to running a business, so there were so
many things I didn't know.


Julia gave me some excellent, personalised guidance on positioning, messaging, pricing my services and onboarding new clients.


The conversations have been productive, helpful, and encouraging, but the best thing has been receiving Julia's summary of the session, with key points, links and follow-up tasks to move my business on.


I'll be using her services again and have no hesitation in recommending her to my network.

Perpetua Harris of Copy by Perpetua

Paul Wilcock
Paul’s Portraits

Paul Wilcock of Paul’s Portraits is a Cheshire-based premium level professional branding photographer.

Paul initially approached me to discuss a new business idea as he was unsure whether it was the right way forward for his business.  
During our sessions we discussed the financial costs to running his new idea to a standard that Paul felt would reflect his brand.  Having looked at logistics and costs involved it became clear that it could not be run profitably without having a negative effect on customer experience.

We discussed possible alternatives that would allow Paul to grow his business without affecting the personal branding experience that he wanted to create for his clients. 
I recommended finding good referral partners and packages that would bring in new business and develop trust in his style and quality.  Paul went away to develop these ideas and on our last meeting was very happy with the way his business is developing.

Julia is a very personable person and as such, she has the ability to quickly build trust in a business relationship. This is extremely important if one is going to have faith in the advice and support given by Julia, especially when it concerns our businesses which in essence is our livelihood.

Julia's business experience also is a plus point, besides running her own businesses she has worked alongside many other businesses and has a first-hand appreciation of what is required to run a successful business.

I first contacted Julia as I required advice as to whether I should take my business in a certain direction. In fairness, I couldn't see the answer because of all the noise. This was causing me some stress not knowing which way to turn. Julia was able to immerse herself into my world by asking searching questions to clarify aspects of my work. As a result of Julia's involvement, I decided against that business venture. The relief I felt afterward was immense. I was happy with the decision that I made, and that is key - I made the decision but Julia gave me the perspective and the information that I could see for myself.

Following our mentoring sessions, I have recommended Julia to my network of business contacts.

Paul Wilcock of Paul's Portraits

Lou Davis
owner of
Cheshire Vibe &
LouD Social Media

I have had the pleasure of working with Lou for the last 3 years and watching Cheshire Vibe and LouD social media grow in that time. 

Initially Lou’s challenge was finding a way to control her leads and ongoing contracts, she was keen to use Zoho software to do this after it was recommended to her.  Although I wasn’t familiar with it at time, I set up Zoho CRM and integrated it with Zoho Forms, along with Contract documentation and Terms & Conditions. Lou was then able to keep a track of new leads, and register and collect required information from new clients through the integration with Zoho Forms. 


Finally, I set up Zoho books to integrate with Zoho CRM and control her recurring invoicing and payments from her subscription business, Cheshire Vibe and now run these systems for Lou, allowing her to run the creative side of her business.

Through advice and guidance in our regular calls, Lou diversified into social media content creation to extend the services offered by Cheshire Vibe.  This has enabled her business to grow, and the 2 businesses now complement each other.

Julia has been working alongside me for a few years now and I cannot recommend her enough!


She has been my saviour in doing so much in the background by advising and helping me to set up a CRM system and Accounts package that keep control of my daily leads, contracts, and invoicing.

Her mentoring has been invaluable to me throughout the years, discussing ideas and looking at whether they are financially viable, offering guidance and suggesting ways things could run smoother, etc – her guidance will be an asset to anyone that she works with as well as loyal, supportive and trustworthy which is a must when working so closely together.

I'll also take this opportunity to thank Julia for everything she has done over the years, and here’s to many more!

Loud Social media
Cheshire Vibe
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