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 Export Services


Do you want to grow your business and have considered exporting but don't know how to ........

a) get started
b) restart EU exports since Brexit
c) expand to new territories

Whether you're new to international trade, have hit roadblocks post-Brexit, or are looking to expand into new territories, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

If you've never exported before you're probably put off by the thought of red tape and complicated processes?

Maybe you halted EU exports in the early post-brexit days and aren't sure if it's time to start again

Or perhaps you already export but want to expand your exports into new continents.

That's where I can support you, either helping you to navigate through the hoops to get started or figure out what changes you need to make to return to/expand your exporting. 

By tapping into a whole new audience beyond the borders of the UK, you have incredible potential to expand your business if you're prepared to put in some time and investment. 

New to exporting

You need someone to guide you through how to get started, step by step

If you're completely new to exporting, knowing where to start can be  daunting.

You've probably visited the or Department of International Trade websites and been left even more confused.

There are so many hoops to jump through, terminology to understand and red tape to comply with.

How I can support you:

I can guide you through what you need to do to get your product or service out of the the UK and delivered to your B2B customer outside of the UK, step by step.


From putting in place the basics, to working out what documentation you need, the cost implications, meeting the destination country's legal requirements and organising the logistics.  There's a lot to think about!

You may also be considering setting up a subsidiary or branch to enable you to import to the EU and deliver B2C.  With the contacts I have, I can help you with this too.


Ready to restart exporting

Pre-brexit you were a regular B2C exporter to the EU but, as so many businesses did, stopped in the early days after Brexit!

The good news is it is possible to restart your exporting business but you made need to look at working with distributors or agencies or even consider setting up a subsidiary.   

You may even have employed export staff pre-brexit but don't any more and need short term help whilst you get going again.

How I can support you:

I can help you to consider the best route for you to take to re-establish your export business. Whether that's looking for a representative in the EU or agencies in the UK who can handle your VAT responsibilities.

I can also help you review your products to ensure the documentation requirements haven't changed before you start the process of exporting again.  Such as certificates of origin, preferential agreement rules and health certification.



Expanding to new territories

You are already exporting but want to expand to new territories.

Everytime you start exporting to a new country there's a process that you need to go through to ensure you comply with the customs rules and avoid your shipment getting stuck at the border.

How I can support you:

I can review your products and research the documentation, packaging and shipping requirements who will need for the new territory.  Such as certificates of origin, preferential agreement rules and health certification.

You may also be considering working with a distributor or setting up a subsidiary or branch to enable you to import and hold stock in that territory.  With the contacts I have, I can help you with this too. 

Short term export team cover

You employ an export administrator but need sickness or holiday cover

It's not easy to find cover when your export administrator is on annual or sick leave. They're a special breed that can't be replaced easily.

How I can support you:

By providing short term temporary cover, either on-site within a 10 mile radius of the Crewe, Cheshire area or remotely if outside that area.  

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