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 VA Services


If you are looking for hands-on practical sales and operational admin support for your business you're in the right place as this is my area of expertise.

Whether you need support with your sales processes, liaising with your potential customers, or operational processes, making sure your orders are processed, delivered and invoiced on time and your bookkeeping is up to date, or you run multiple projects at a time and need accountability and support to keep them all on track, my services can be tailored to your needs.

Sales and operational back office support

You need practical hands-on Support.

Not everyone is cut out to run the admin side of their business, the background function of your business leaves you in a cold sweat, but even if you do have the skills it’s probably not the best use of your time. 

If you want your business to grow and become more profitable you really need to concentrate on the tasks that bring in the money, providing the services or products that your clients are paying for, having new ideas and having the time to launch them.  Outsourcing the rest may seem like another expense but think of it as an investment that will free you up allowing you to grow and become more profitable in the long run.

How I can support you:

By subscribing to one of my VA retainer packages, tailored to your needs, we can take an analytical look at your current admin systems and see what areas of running your business I can help you with, so you can rest assured that the business is in safe hands, freeing you up to create and bring in new business!

Here are some examples of the type of support I can give:


  • Managing your contracts - ensuring your clients are onboarded efficiently.

  • Managing incoming sales

  • Membership/subscription support

  • Maintaining your CRM system

  • Handling logistics, either physical or electronic

  • Checking costings

  • Raising and sending sales invoices

  • Liaising with customers and suppliers

  • Handling purchase orders and invoices

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping

  • Liaising with accountants

  • Setting up Mailchimp newsletters

  • Running WordPress updates

  • Adding content to existing WordPress websites

  • General admin

If you are looking for something that's not on this list, drop me a message, it may still be in my skillset.

If you are not sure what you need and need some support in understanding how to improve your admin systems you can also combine VA support with mentoring sessions, using one of my mentoring packages.

Systems & processes


Struggling to manage your time?

Have you outgrown your systems and find it hard to keep up with all your admin?

Maybe your business has had a sudden growth spurt or you are looking to grow your team but just don't have the right systems in place.  Or, maybe you started off with a very manual system and now realise it's holding you back

How I can support you:

Working with outdated systems can make it feel like you're treading in treacle but it can also mean you can't easily see how your business is performing.  You can't see an overview of where your costs are going and if they're serving you well.

Through my systems and processes audit, we can look at your current systems and find a better, more efficient solution.  Once we've found the right solution for you, and it's up and running ( ask about my bespoke systems implementation packages) I can offer practical hands-on support through one of my VA retainer packages to keep your systems running too.

Project management support

Running a multi-project business alone?

You’re trying to run multiple projects at the same time and keeping to your promised deadlines is a challenge. This has a knock-on effect on your finances so you’re heading for overwhelm and burnout.  You can’t stop because there’s no one to keep the business going! How do you keep going and grow when you can’t keep on track with your current workload?

How I can support you:


My project management support service will allow us to regularly run through your ongoing projects.  We will check that you will meet your deadlines and come in on budget and, if not, see what is holding them up, and what the sticking points and additional costs are.  As part of the service, I can jump in with practical support to clear the problem, allowing the project to get back on track and finish on time. 


If there are regular tasks that you need to outsource to allow you space to take on more business, we can look at the best solution for you, allowing you to concentrate on the stuff only you can do!

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