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Supporting your business from beginning
to success 


I’m Julia, a VA and small business mentor with a passion for helping solo and micro business owners, to take away the feeling of isolation that working on your business can bring.

My aim is to make starting or running your business as easy as possible for you by providing the guidance you need to start out as you mean to go on, practical, hands-on VA support when you need it and the tools to run a time-savvy and efficient back office system. Enabling you to stop worrying about how to run your business and concentrate on why you started your business!

I want to guide all of my clients to achieve success in their businesses but success can mean many different things to different business owners.  


  • It could be that there is no limit to what you want to achieve, you aspire to reach the FTSE 100

  • You may want to be the best at what you do in your area, the go-to expert in the service or product you provide

  • You may be running your business as a 2nd income/side hustle, with the intention of leaving your job once you have built your business up enough to take the leap.

  • You may want your business to provide you with a steady income and flexibility to look after your children or elderly parents

  • You may run your business as a hobby whilst working in an employed job


I will tailor my guidance and practical support to meet your needs and at a pace that suits you but will always incorporating the same values.


So what is it like working with me?

When you work with a VA or business mentor, you share your future plans, aspirations and worries so you want to make sure that the person you choose is the right one for you from the start.  So what is it like working with me?

These are my core values:


I will guide you to find the best route to achieve your goals, and sometimes that may mean challenging you and encouraging you to think outside your comfort zone.


But my honesty will always be delivered kindly!

A Calm Approach

My clients tell me that they always feel calm, but inspired to move forward, when they work with me. 


I take a calm approach to looking at any problems and new ideas that present themselves in your business, panic is an energy sapper that doesn’t help you find solutions.  

Going above & beyond

I really care about the businesses I work with so will always be looking for ways to help you build the business you want. 


Whether that is promoting your business through my networking connections or looking for ways to help you achieve your dream business.

As well as these 3 core values my support comes from a non-judgemental, caring place so will always be personalised to take into account your needs and aspirations. 


I care about my clients and take a holistic approach to my VA support & mentoring as I want them to have a healthy and happy business life!  I will help you to build a business that is adaptable, so you can enjoy a good work/life balance and be flexible when one of life’s curve balls comes your way.


Laughter will always be present too, when you’re running a business without it you could go mad!  

And finally, practicality! I will always seek to help you find a practical solution to the challenges you come across in your business. I'm one of lifes fixers and don't like to be beaten!

Julia is such an incredible mentor for my small business. She was incredibly thorough when preparing for my mentor session to find the best ways to support me.


During the session, she asked the questions I most needed to hear, and often ignored, so that my business progressed in the areas it so desperately needed.


Following just this initial session, my revenue is due to increase by over a third.


I am so grateful for this truly vital role Julia played and I cannot wait to continue working with Julia.

Becki, Kingswood Bookkeeping

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